Off The Main Road

I’m finally doing something with all of these Stephen King books my mom left me. A blog about reading all of the books Stephen King has written.


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DILEMMA!! AKA: Nerd Alert

So… I just finished The Shining (post pending) and I’m not sure where to go next. Technically I’ve been reading these books in the order that they have been published. BUT! if I include everything King wrote as Richard Bachman (I do want to include everything King wrote as Bachman) that would mean Rage is next. HOWEVER! my mom didn’t have Rage as part of her collection. If I wanted to be a traditionalist I could pay anywhere from $600 to $4,000 dollars for a copy of it so I can read it for this blog but I won’t be doing that. Did I mention my porch is falling down? Did I mention my two young children? They eat. Did you know they eat? 

but HERE’S THE THING! my mom did have a copy of the original Bachman Books collection that included Rage before it was allowed to go out of print. (more on that later?). HOWEVER! if I read it out of the Bachman Books collection I’m technically skipping ahead to a book that was published in 1985, which changes my timeline. Not a big deal at UNLESS! you think about this: If I break this timeline to read stories when they were actually published instead of when they were collected THAT WOULD MEAN! I should have started this whole adventure off with Night Shift instead of Carrie. Crazy right?

BUT WAIT! if I decide to stick to my current reading of books in order, Night Shift would be next anyway so it’s almost like a self correcting problem. NOT TO MENTION! none of this is a problem at all and none of this really matters. This is just the crap that goes through my mind for zero reason. THEREFORE! What is the answer? What will I do? I’ll probably just go with whatever I feel like grabbing right before I collapse into bed. Do you remember I have two kids? Do you know how long it takes to get a kid to go to sleep? Well make that twice as long because I have twice as many kids as one. MATH!