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'Salem's Lot is probably giving me Nightmares

This project may or may not be causing me nightmares already. Last night my wife woke me up because I was screaming in my sleep.

I was dreaming that something was trying to get in our back door. We have glass in our back door and the shades were pulled. Whatever was trying to get in could push the glass and door and shades and stretch it like it was soft and moldable. It was just like that scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street when Freddy was pushing through Nancy’s subconscious and you could see him trying to break through the wall over her bed. I was pressing back from the inside trying to keep it from ripping or breaking or whatever would happen if you pushed a spandex glass Freddy Krueger bedroom wall back door past its flexing limits. 

My wife may or may not have said my screams sounded more high pitched than my normal voice range. She also said I sounded kind of like I was deaf.

I’m not totally convinced it was because of Stephen King though. Our porch is falling down and I got a flat tire driving to work yesterday. Also normal work stress and after work work stress. Also parenting… I ate a lot of salami and cheese not long before bed. We’ll see. I’ll let you know if it happens again.